Choosing the right size of chandelier is truly a challenging issue. Sometimes, we are really confused and have no idea where to start. For instance, how big a chandelier should be used in the bedroom? How about the study? In this blog, we will deeply explore how to select the just-right chandelier for different spaces, such as the bedroom, study, balcony, etc., to make your home more charming and stylish.

There are various types of chandeliers in the market, with different sizes, materials, and styles. It's not easy to pick the most suitable one. If you haven't identified your favorite style yet, you might refer to our "Chandelier Selections: Tips for Choosing the Ideal Chandelier". In this article, we will fully explore how to select the perfectly matching chandelier to create a unique atmosphere and style for your home.

It's quite difficult to choose the right size of chandelier because there are many variables. So, what size is just right? In a spacious room, a small chandelier can easily be overlooked and fail to present a strong design sense; while in a small space, a large chandelier can seem overly overwhelming. The appropriate chandelier should be coordinated with the height and width of the room as well as the size of the indoor furniture.

Here are some generally applicable rules for you:

1. How to determine the diameter of the chandelier

Measure the length and width of the space in feet, and then add them together. The sum is the approximate inch number of the diameter of the chandelier.

For example, 18 feet (room length) + 10 feet (room width) = 28 feet; then the diameter of the chandelier should be approximately 28 inches.

2. How to determine the height of the chandelier

Measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling of the space in feet, and then multiply it by 2.5. The result is the approximate inch number of the height of the chandelier. It should be noted that this rule mainly applies to pendant chandeliers and may not necessarily apply to ceiling-mounted chandeliers.

For instance, if the room height is 12 feet, 12×2.5 = 30, the height of the chandelier should be approximately 30 inches. 

3. How to determine the hanging height of the chandelier 

If you install the chandelier in an open area, the bottom of the chandelier should be at least 7 feet away from the floor.

If you install it above a desk or vanity, the bottom of the chandelier should be between 28 and 32 inches away from the countertop.

Chandelier Placement and Size Tips for Specific Spaces

When it comes to choosing and installing chandeliers, there are specific rules and tips for different areas within your home. Beyond the common guidelines that apply broadly, let's explore the details for dining rooms, foyers with staircases, and long hallways.

Dining Room & Kitchen Island

If you plan to suspend a chandelier above your dining table or kitchen island, the size can be determined based on the dimensions of these areas. It is typically suggested that the length or diameter of the chandelier should fall between 1/2 and 3/4 of the length of the dining table or kitchen island. For instance, if your dining table is 60 inches long, the chandelier's diameter or length should range from 30 (60 x 1/2) to 45 (60 x 3/4) inches.

Two-Story Foyer with Staircase

Apart from the basic rule that the bottom of the chandelier should be at least 7.5 feet from the floor, for a two-story foyer, you need to think about its appearance from the second floor. Generally, staircase chandeliers are a suitable choice. Regarding placement, here are two common approaches:

The first is to use the second floor as a reference. Hang the chandelier slightly lower than or at the top of the staircase. In this way, when you reach the top of the staircase, the top of the chandelier will be at eye level.

Conversely, many designers prefer an independent placement to make the chandelier the central focus or to position it in relation to other architectural features. For example, if there is a large transparent window above the door, centering the chandelier within the window can offer the best visual effect from the outside.

Long Hallways

The size of the chandelier for hallways depends on the width of the hallway. Multiply the hallway's width in feet by 2.5 to obtain the diameter of the chandelier in inches.

For example, if the hallway is 8 feet wide, the chandelier's diameter should be approximately 20 (8 x 2.5) inches. If you aim to decorate your long hallway with chandeliers, we recommend the following:
Have them centered in the middle of the hallway.
Space them 8 to 10 feet apart.
Ensure there is at least 7.5 feet of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier.