How can lighting be an important part in home decor?

A home with cool color decoration, clear glass, dark wood table and exact quantity of furniture available, to show the elegant interior design accentuating the unique feeling of space.

If you have no concept in your mind,  please see the images below , may be it will inspire you for more ideas in your own lovely home.

You can see through all the room here when you came in, the living room and dinning room are not screened off, so it casts a bright light over the whole room.

When the night falls,the lights up. 

Cool color furnishings and accessories for the living room, making it perfect for daily usage. It's a better place to keep you in peace.

The lights flashed out and the night became day, warm light glowing, which is in total contrast to the whole room, and make it so different for you.

You can have a zero - distance contact with cate in the open - type kitchen.Linear chandelier above reflect light on the food, family around are talking and laughing, yummy yummy!

There alway be a quiet room just for yourself to think, to read, to have thing done. Using glass sliding doors to enclose the study space to maximize the vision. Black table lamp just for you when you here at night, not too shine. It hepls you to calm down to go back you day.

Modern chandelier in the bedroom must make an impact for you,also with the combination of soft bedding stuff  and amber glass table lamp at bedside, giving a refined space for you to rest.

In the second bedroom, cement paint wall,and linen bedding , adding a touch of warmth to it, and the wall lamps and small chandeliers at the bedside will be showed contemporary atmosphere.

A good style lighting will be lit up the room. At daytime it's a fine decoration for the room.